Selling with Cloud Appeal®


Before they even see your curb appeal

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You need to have Cloud Appeal®


85% of buyers are using cloud based apps on smartphones and Ipads to find homes.

Cloud Appeal® is the marketing strategy designed to capture these important buyers.


Young couple relaxing over coffee on a balcony

Image is Almost Everything

All the photos are created for maximum visual appeal even on the smallest of smartphones.

Staging for Photos

Staging for photos is not the same as staging for showings, and is more important for viewing on the smallest screens.


Professional Photography

Pro Equipment Used:

  • Digital Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Filters
  • Lights/Stands/Diffusers
  • Light Meters


Image Enhancement

The photos are then edited for brightness, clarity, balance and proper responsive resolution and a border frame is added for a finishing touch.


Graphic Design

Brochures, signage and feature display cards are professionally produced by graphic designers.


Website Promotion

Your property will be featured and look great on the most popular websites and apps.


Available Documents

Buyers and agents will be able to obtain documents, surveys, and floor plans and submit offers from everywhere.


Enjoy Cloud Appeal® Success – Call Rande Friedman (813)943-2677 for a free consultation.

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